Report: Get the Lead Out

Get the Lead Out: Contaminated Drinking Water in Atlantic County Schools

Released by: Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Our children need safe drinking water — especially at school, where they go to learn and play each day. Unfortunately, lead has been contaminating drinking water at schools in New Jersey and across the country. 

Our research found this contamination has been particularly pervasive in Atlantic County, with lead detected in 92% of schools in the county that provided testing data. Forty-five percent of the faucets and fountains tested in Pleasantville and Galloway Township schools had lead in their water.

Fortunately, solutions to ensure safe water are at hand. By replacing lead-bearing fountains with filtered water stations and other measures, Atlantic County schools can prevent lead contamination and promote healthy hydration for our kids. Ample resources are now available to our school districts to implement these solutions for all taps used for cooking and drinking.