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News Release | Environment New Jersey

Ten years on, new report ranks state progress on clean energy benchmarks -- NJ ranks in the top 10 for solar, EVs & storage

New Jersey ranks seventh in the nation for total electric vehicle sales, according to a new analysis released today by Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center. The project, Renewables on the Rise 2020, documents and compares the growth of five key clean energy technologies in each state over the past decade: solar power, wind power, battery storage, energy efficiency and electric vehicles. New Jersey has seen a 9.9-fold increase in the amount of electricity it gets from the sun, ranking 8th in the nation, and a 1.7-fold increase in wind power production since 2010. New Jersey ranks 6th for growth in battery storage capacity since 2010.

News Release | Environment New Jersey

NJ Transit Ditches Transitgrid Gas Plant To Embrace Renewable Solar/Storage Microgrid

NJ Transit announced the agency will promote a clean, renewable energy option incorporating solar and battery storage to power the proposed Transitgrid microgrid in Kearny along the Hackensack River, and “reimagine” a project that was previously focused on a fracked gas power plant.

News Release | Environment New Jersey

NJDEP Releases Global Warming Response Act 80 x 50 Report & Lays Out Climate Bill Roadmap

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) released the largest sources of climate pollution in New Jersey and made recommendations for how the state can reduce those emissions by 80% of 2006 levels by 2050. The Global Warming Response Act, signed into law originally in 2007 and then updated last year, directed the NJDEP to release this report indicating New Jersey’s current greenhouse gas emission levels and how the state can reach the 80% climate pollutant reduction by 2050 goals.

News Release | Environment America Research & Policy Center

Statement: Procter & Gamble shareholders do right by voting to address impacts on forests

“Shareholders used their power to stand up for our natural world and sent a clear message to Procter & Gamble’s leadership that the boreal forest is simply too important to be turned into tissue paper."

News Release | Environment New Jersey

Coalition NJPACT Comments on Electrification of Medium & Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles

Environment New Jersey, ChargEVC, Jersey Renews, and the New Jersey Work Environment Council submitted comments to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection as part of the NJPACT process calling for increased electrification of our medium and heavy duty diesel vehicle fleet, through moving forward on promoting electrification and building out charging infrastructure for Advanced Clean Trucks, Heavy-duty Engines and Vehicles, and Fleets.