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News Release | Environment America

Statement: EPA acts responsibly by relaunching climate science and policy website

WASHINGTON -- The Environmental Protection Agency reinstated its website centered on climate science and policy on Thursday. This information was removed from the EPA website by the previous administration. This relaunch is a strong signal that the Biden administration will restore the role of science in protecting our communities and public health. 

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News Release | Environment New Jersey

New report says NJ could meet entire electric demand with offshore wind

New Jersey ranks 7th amongst Atlantic coastal states for its technical potential for total offshore wind power but first in the states for current projects in the pipeline, according to a new report by Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center and Frontier Group. The report, Offshore Wind for America, examines U.S. offshore wind potential by both coastal region and by state, while documenting the status of existing projects and technological advances.

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Report | Environment New Jersey

Offshore Wind For America

Offshore Wind For America documents the potential of offshore wind in the United States, broken down by each coastal region and state. The Atlantic region as a whole has almost twice the amount of offshore wind it would need to power itself in 2050, and New Jersey has potential to cover 379% and 167% of its 2019 and 2050 electricity needs. The report also examines recent advancements
in turbine technology, as well as documenting existing offshore wind projects around the world.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey

New report outlines how utility companies can help pay for electric school bus rollout

The vast majority of school buses in the United States and New Jersey run on diesel, a climate-polluting fossil fuel that releases toxic fumes linked to life-threatening health problems such as asthma, bronchitis and cancer. Zero-emission electric school buses provide a much cleaner, health-protective alternative. A new report identifies cutting-edge ways utility companies can assist school districts in paying for zero-emission bus rollouts and charging infrastructure, and how schools can reap the long-term benefits.

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Blog Post

The Price Tag on Our Future: A Critical Time to Focus on Electric Vehicles in New Jersey

To best reach Governor Murphy's goals, we need to continue to incentivize electric vehicles while simultaneously building out our charging infrastructure across the state. Without the mileage security provided by these electric vehicle charging stations, Charge Up New Jersey and other vital electrification programs will not be optimized.

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